How Did Serana Become a Vampire: Secrets Of Transformation


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Serana’s transformation into a vampire is linked to her lineage. Being born into a cursed bloodline and the influence of her father, Lord Harkon, who sought dark powers and the prophecy of the “Eternal Night,” contributed to her becoming a vampire from birth.

Serana, a character from the renowned Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has fascinated players with her enigmatic persona and vampiric nature. Her transformation from mortal to immortal carries an air of mystery, a narrative that blends the supernatural with the mundane. Embark on a voyage of discovery as we uncover the secrets of how did Serana become a vampire.

The Background of Serana

The Dawnguard DLC

The Dawnguard DLC introduces players to Serana, a pure-blood vampire and daughter of Lord Harkon. Her story is intertwined with the questline of the Dawnguard faction, where players must make choices that impact her fate.

Her Frozen Slumber

Serana’s transformation begins with her being locked in a deep sleep within Dimhollow Crypt for centuries. The reasons behind her slumber and subsequent awakening are essential elements in understanding her transformation.

How Did Serana Become a Vampire?

The path to Serana’s vampirism is paved with the ancient and arcane. A journey that began centuries ago, her transformation involves a sequence of events deeply rooted in vampire lore. To truly understand how Serana became a vampire, we must peel back the layers of history and myth that surround her.

The Transformation Process

#1. Contracting Vampirism

Serana’s transformation into a vampire is not traditional. She is born a vampire, which sets her apart from the typical method of being infected by a vampire’s bite. This unique aspect adds to her mystique.

#2. Cursed Bloodline

Her father, Lord Harkon, is the leader of a vampire faction. His obsession with the prophecy and achieving the “Eternal Night” drives him to seek out the Elder Scrolls. The pursuit of dark powers contributes significantly to Serana’s transformation.

Embracing Her Nature

Internal Struggles

Upon awakening, Serana is torn between her vampiric instincts and her desire to be free from her father’s control. This internal conflict showcases the complexity of her character and adds depth to her transformation story.

The Player’s Role

The player’s choices influence Serana’s journey. Depending on the player’s decisions, Serana can choose to fully embrace her vampiric nature or seek a cure to become mortal once again. This interactive element gives players agency in her transformation process.

The Benefits and Burdens of Vampirism

#1. Immortality and Power

Vampirism grants Serana enhanced strength, speed, and magical abilities. These powers become crucial as she navigates the treacherous world of Skyrim and battles various foes.

#2. Sunlight Sensitivity

However, these benefits come at a cost. Serana’s vampiric nature makes her sensitive to sunlight, forcing her to avoid daylight or use protective spells. This vulnerability adds a layer of complexity to her character’s interactions with the game world.

Bottom Line

The tale of how Serana became a vampire is a saga of sacrifice, transformation, and the struggle for identity. Her journey immerses players in a world where the boundaries between light and darkness blur, leaving us captivated by her intricate story. From the Ritual of Vampirism to her emotional conflicts, Serana’s narrative is a testament to the power of storytelling within the realm of gaming.

FAQs With Answers About How Did Serana Become a Vampire

Who turned Serana into a vampire?

Serana was born a vampire, and her father, Lord Harkon, is the leader of the vampire faction. Her vampiric nature is a result of her bloodline and lineage.

When did Serana become a vampire?

Serana was born a vampire, which means she has been a vampire since her birth. However, her transformation became more prominent when she was awakened from her slumber within Dimhollow Crypt.

What type of vampire is Serana?

Serana is a pure-blood vampire, which means she is born into a vampiric bloodline rather than being turned through a bite or infection. Her unique status sets her apart from other vampires in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Does Serana cure her vampirism?

Depending on the player’s choices, Serana has the potential to be cured of her vampirism. The player can opt to help her find a cure, allowing her to become mortal once again if she chooses that path.