How Do GameStop Pre-Orders Work: Secrets Revealed


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GameStop pre-orders involve selecting a game, placing a deposit, and then picking up the game on its release day. This ensures you have a guaranteed copy and often comes with exclusive bonuses.

GameStop, a leading retailer in the gaming industry, offers gamers the exciting opportunity to pre-order their favorite games before they’re officially released. Pre-ordering allows gamers to secure their copies ahead of time and often comes with special bonuses and perks. In this guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of how do GameStop pre-orders work, providing you with valuable insights and step-by-step information to ensure a seamless pre-order experience.

How Do GameStop Pre-Orders Work: Step-By-Step

Pre-ordering games at GameStop is a straightforward process that can be completed both online and in-store. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

Step #1: Choose Your Game

Begin by selecting the game you want to pre-order. Visit GameStop’s website or your local store to browse through upcoming game releases.

Step #2: Check Availability

Ensure that the game is available for pre-order. Most games can be pre-ordered several months in advance of their release date.

Step #3: Select Edition and Platform

Some games offer different editions with varying bonuses. Choose the edition that suits your preferences and the platform you intend to play on.

Step #4: Add to Cart

If you’re pre-ordering online, add the selected game to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

Step #5: Provide Information

You’ll need to provide your contact and payment information. If you’re a GameStop member, log in to your account for a quicker checkout process.

Step #6: Pay Deposit

GameStop typically requires a small deposit to secure your pre-order. The deposit amount varies but is usually a fraction of the total game price.

Step #7: Receive Confirmation

After completing the pre-order process, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details about your order and the release date.

Step #8: Release Day Pickup

On the game’s release day, visit your selected GameStop store to pick up your pre-ordered game. Be sure to bring your confirmation email and valid identification.

Step #9: Enjoy Your Game

Once you have the game in your hands, you’re ready to enjoy the latest gaming experience!

Benefits of GameStop Pre-Orders

Pre-ordering games at GameStop offers several enticing benefits:

#1. Guaranteed Copy

Pre-ordering ensures you’ll have a copy of the game on release day, even if the game becomes sold out.

#2. Exclusive Bonuses

Many pre-orders come with exclusive in-game bonuses, such as additional content, skins, or in-game currency.

#3. Limited Editions

Some games offer limited editions that include unique physical items like art books, figurines, or collector’s items.

#4. Early Access

In some cases, pre-orders grant you early access to the game, allowing you to start playing before the official release date.

#5. Community Engagement

Pre-ordering often comes with access to community events, forums, and discussions, allowing you to connect with fellow gamers.

Bottom Line

Pre-ordering games at GameStop is an exciting way to secure your favorite titles before they hit the shelves. With the convenience of online pre-orders and the benefits of guaranteed copies and exclusive bonuses, it’s a popular choice among gamers. Remember to review the pre-order process, benefits, and FAQs to make the most of your GameStop pre-order experience.

FAQs With Answers About How Do GameStop Pre-Orders Work

Does GameStop Charge Pre-Orders Right Away?

Yes, GameStop typically charges a small deposit at the time of pre-order to secure your copy of the game. The remaining balance will be due when you pick up the game.

Do GameStop Pre-Orders Arrive on Time?

GameStop aims to have pre-ordered games available for pickup on their release day. However, factors such as shipping delays can occasionally impact the arrival time.

How Do I Pick Up My GameStop Pre-Order?

To pick up your pre-ordered game, visit your chosen GameStop store on the game’s release day. Present your confirmation email and valid identification to receive your game.

Does Pre-Order Mean You Get It Early?

Pre-ordering allows you to secure your copy of the game before its official release date. In some cases, pre-orders may come with early access benefits, but this isn’t guaranteed for all games.