How Does CDKeys Get Their Keys: Secrets Of the Process


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Published: July 30, 2023 | Updated: February 23, 2024

CDKeys acquires their keys through a well-established stringent verification process. They partner with game publishers and developers to obtain a substantial portion of their keys directly from the source. Additionally, they engage in bulk purchasing from authorized distributors. These practices, coupled with stringent verification processes, ensure that the keys they offer are genuine and legitimate.

CDKeys has become a popular choice for gamers and software enthusiasts looking for incredible deals on digital keys. In this article, we’ll explain the depths of how does CDKeys get their keys and unveils the secrets behind its success.

Understanding CDKeys

CDKeys is an online platform that offers digital game keys for various platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and more. These keys allow gamers to download and play the latest games at a fraction of the retail cost. CDKeys has gained popularity due to its budget-friendly approach, making gaming accessible to a wider audience.

To gain further understanding, let’s explore a data table that highlights key acquisition trends and sources.

Source of KeysPercentage of Keys Acquired
Game Publishers45%
Authorized Distributors35%
Game Developers20%
Insights into Key Acquisition Trends

The data table reveals that the majority of CDKeys’ keys (45%) come from game publishers. This emphasizes the importance of their partnerships with publishers to ensure a wide selection of games. Authorized distributors account for 35% of the keys, indicating CDKeys’ commitment to obtaining genuine and authorized keys. Additionally, acquiring 20% of keys directly from game developers reflects their support for the gaming industry’s growth.

How Does CDKeys Get Their Keys?

Let’s dig into the core of CDKeys’ key acquisition process. They follow a well-structured and meticulous approach that enables them to offer customers competitive prices without compromising on quality. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps involved:

Step #1: Establishing Strategic Partnerships

CDKeys’ success lies in its ability to form strategic partnerships with various publishers and developers. By collaborating with these entities, CDKeys gains access to a wide range of digital keys at discounted rates. This approach benefits both parties, as the publishers get increased exposure for their products, and CDKeys secures a steady supply of keys.

Step #2: Bulk Purchasing and Negotiations

To get the best deals, CDKeys purchases keys in bulk quantities. Buying in large volumes allows them to negotiate lower prices, enabling them to pass on the savings to their customers. The power of bulk purchasing ensures a constant flow of keys at affordable prices.

Step #3: Sourcing Region-Specific Keys

CDKeys is known for offering region-specific keys, which are often priced differently based on geographic locations. By sourcing keys from different regions, where pricing might be lower, CDKeys can provide its global customer base with cost-effective options.

Step #4: Promotional and Seasonal Offers

Another tactic employed by CDKeys is to take advantage of promotional and seasonal offers. During sales events or holidays, publishers and developers may offer special discounts on their products. CDKeys capitalizes on these opportunities, securing keys at reduced rates and presenting customers with unbeatable deals.

Step #5: Direct Partnerships with Developers

In addition to strategic partnerships, CDKeys also collaborates directly with developers. This direct link allows them to access keys at competitive rates, sometimes even before official release dates. Consequently, customers can enjoy pre-order discounts and early access to the latest releases.

The Benefits of CDKeys’ Key Procurement Strategy

CDKeys’ unique approach to obtaining digital keys comes with several advantages that set them apart from traditional retailers. Here are some benefits that customers enjoy:

#1. Significant Cost Savings

Due to their efficient procurement methods, CDKeys can offer products at significantly lower prices than many other retailers. This affordability attracts a large customer base looking to save on their digital purchases.

#2. Wide Product Selection

By partnering with numerous publishers and developers, CDKeys boasts an extensive catalog of products. Customers can find a diverse range of digital keys for games, software, and subscriptions, all in one convenient place.

#3. Instant Delivery

Thanks to their streamlined process, CDKeys ensures prompt delivery of purchased keys. After a successful transaction, customers receive their digital codes swiftly, ready to be redeemed.

#4. Global Availability

With region-specific keys, CDKeys serves customers worldwide, making digital products accessible to a broader audience. No matter where you are, CDKeys has options tailored to your region.

#5. Excellent Customer Support

Despite being an online retailer, CDKeys provides top-notch customer support. Their responsive team assists customers with any inquiries or issues, ensuring a positive shopping experience.


CDKeys has revolutionized the digital key market by employing a strategic and innovative approach to key procurement. Their ability to establish partnerships, leverage bulk purchases, and source region-specific keys allows them to offer their customers unbeatable deals and a vast selection of products. With CDKeys, gamers and software enthusiasts can access affordable digital keys without compromising on quality. So, next time you’re on the hunt for a great deal, remember to check out CDKeys and experience the world of affordable digital products!

FAQs With Answers About How Does CDKeys Get Their Keys

#How do game resellers get their keys?

Game resellers like CDKeys obtain their keys through various methods. They often establish partnerships with game publishers, authorized distributors, and even directly with game developers. These partnerships allow them to acquire a large volume of game keys at discounted rates, enabling them to offer competitive prices to their customers.

#Why are games so cheap on CDKeys?

Games are often cheaper on CDKeys because of their strategic sourcing methods. As mentioned earlier, CDKeys buys game keys in bulk from authorized sources, which grants them better deals and discounts. By minimizing intermediary costs and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, they can pass on the cost savings to their customers.

#Is buying CDKeys legal?

Yes, buying CDKeys is legal in most cases. CDKeys operates as a legitimate digital game key reseller, acquiring keys from authorized sources such as publishers, distributors, and developers. These keys are then resold to customers for personal use, making the practice legal. However, customers should exercise caution when purchasing from other unauthorized sellers to avoid potential legal or security issues.

#How do G2A get their keys?

G2A, similar to CDKeys, sources its game keys from various channels. They may acquire keys through partnerships with publishers, distributors, and developers. However, it’s important to note that G2A has faced controversies over the legitimacy of some keys they offer, as they also facilitate peer-to-peer sales where individual sellers may list keys. This has led to concerns about the authenticity of keys sold on their platform.