How Long Do Discord Invites Last: Secrets Revealed, Don’t Miss Out!


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Published: June 22, 2023 | Updated: February 18, 2024

The expiration time for temporary invites can range from as short as 30 minutes to as long as 24 hours, depending on the server settings. The lifespan of Discord invites can vary depending on their type. Temporary invites have a specified expiration time, ranging from a few minutes to several hours or days, as determined by the server owner or user who created the invite. Permanent invites, as the name suggests, do not have an expiration time unless manually revoked by the server owner or administrator.

In this article, we’ll explain how long do Discord invites last, the different types of Discord invites, their durations, and how you can manage them effectively.

Understanding Discord Invites

Discord invites are unique links that serve as an entry point to join a Discord server. These invites can be shared with friends, and communities, or posted on websites, forums, or social media platforms. When someone clicks on a Discord invite link, they gain access to the server associated with that invite.

How Long Do Discord Invites Last: Explained

Discord invites come with an expiration date to ensure the security and integrity of servers. The duration of an invite’s validity depends on various factors, including the type of invite, the settings chosen by the server owner, and any customizations made to the invite. Generally, there are two types of Discord invites: temporary and permanent.

#1. Temporary Discord Invites

Temporary invites are useful for inviting people to a server for a limited period. They come in handy for events, gaming sessions, or time-limited communities. Here’s how temporary invites work:

  • Expiration Time: Temporary invites have an expiration time. Once the specified time elapses, the invite becomes invalid, and new users can no longer join using that invite.
  • Creating Temporary Invites: Server owners and users with appropriate permissions can create temporary invites. They can specify the expiration time, allowing them to control how long the invite remains valid.

#2. Permanent Discord Invites

Permanent invites, as the name suggests, do not have an expiration time. They are commonly used for long-term communities, official servers, or invite links that are meant to be valid indefinitely. However, it’s important to note that permanent invites can still be revoked or made invalid by server owners or administrators.

Permanent invites have their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, they provide a stable entry point for users who want to join a server anytime. On the other hand, they can lead to potential abuse if shared inappropriately or fall into the wrong hands.

Factors Affecting Invite Lifespan

Several factors can influence the lifespan of Discord invites. Here are a few notable ones:

#1. Server Settings

Server owners can configure their server settings to control the duration of invites. They can choose to set specific expiration times for temporary invites or keep them permanent.
Server Boosting: Discord offers a feature called “Server Boosting,” which provides benefits to the server and its members. Higher boost levels can extend the duration of temporary invites.

#2. User Permissions

The permissions granted to users within a server can also impact the lifespan of invites. Server administrators or owners may restrict certain members from creating or sharing invites, ensuring better control over their usage.

Discord Invite Hack

It is essential to clarify that attempting to hack or exploit Discord invite codes is against the platform’s terms of service. Discord has implemented security measures to protect the integrity of its invite system. Engaging in unauthorized activities or using hacking methods to manipulate invite codes can result in severe consequences, including account suspension or banning from Discord. It is important to respect the platform’s guidelines and use invite codes responsibly.

Discord Invite Code

Discord invite codes are unique identifiers that allow users to invite others to join their Discord servers. These codes are a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, typically 6 to 7 characters long. Each code is case-sensitive, meaning that uppercase and lowercase letters are distinct. Discord invite codes play a vital role in expanding communities and facilitating server growth.

Discord Invite Format

The format of a Discord invite code follows a specific structure:

The “” portion acts as a prefix, indicating that it is a Discord invite. The “code” represents the unique combination of characters that make up the invite code. It is important to enter the invite code accurately to ensure successful server joining.

Discord invite links provide an alternative method for inviting users to join a server. Instead of sharing the invite code directly, users can share a clickable URL that leads to the server invitation page. Discord invite links can be customized to make them more user-friendly and memorable. This customization option allows server owners to create personalized invitations for their communities.

Discord Invite Bot

Discord bots are automated programs designed to perform various tasks within Discord servers, including the generation of invite codes. Discord invites bots to streamline the process of creating and managing invite codes, making it easier for server owners to invite new members. These bots can handle multiple aspects of server management, helping to maintain a smooth and organized community.

A Discord invite link generator is a tool or bot that assists in generating custom invite links. These tools allow server owners to create invite links with specific settings and parameters. For example:

Server owners can set the number of uses an invite link allows set expiration dates for links, or specify the channel new members will be directed to upon joining. 

Invite link generators offer flexibility and customization options for inviting users to Discord servers.

How to Create Discord Invites with Custom Durations?

Discord provides server owners with the flexibility to customize the duration of invites according to their specific needs. To create an invite with a custom duration, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Discord server and navigate to the channel where you want to create the invite.
  • Click on the “+” button next to the channel name to open the channel options.
  • Select “Invite People” from the dropdown menu.
  • In the invite settings, you will find an option to set the expiration time. Choose the desired duration for your invite.
  • Customize other settings, such as the number of uses and whether the invite grants temporary or permanent membership.
  • Once you have set all the desired options, click on the “Generate a New Invite Link” button.
  • Copy the generated invite link and share it with the intended audience.

By following these steps, you can create Discord invites with custom durations that align with the specific requirements of your server.

Managing Discord Invites

As a server owner or administrator, it’s essential to effectively manage Discord invites. Here are a couple of key actions you can take:

#1: Revoking Invites

If you want to invalidate an existing invite, you have the option to revoke it. This can be useful if you suspect the invite has been shared improperly or want to restrict access to the server.

#: 2Creating New Invites

At any time, you can create new invites to share with others. This allows you to have control over the lifespan of invites, ensuring they remain active for the desired duration.


Discord invites play a crucial role in expanding server communities and connecting like-minded individuals. Temporary invites provide a short-term solution for events and time-limited engagements, while permanent invites offer a stable entry point for long-term communities. Understanding the lifespan of Discord invites and managing them effectively empowers server owners to maintain control and create enjoyable experiences for their members.

FAQs with Answers: How Long Do Discord Invites Last

Why does my Discord invite expire?

Discord invites can expire for various reasons. Temporary invites have a designated expiration time set by the server owner or user who created the invite. Once the specified time elapses, the invite becomes invalid. On the other hand, permanent invites do not expire unless manually revoked by the server owner or administrator.

How do I know if my Discord invite is expired?

If you have a Discord invite and want to check its expiration status, you can simply click on the invite link. Discord will display a message indicating whether the invite is still valid or has expired. Additionally, if someone tries to join a server using an expired invite, they will receive an error message stating that the invite is no longer valid.

How do I stop Discord invites from expiring?

To prevent Discord invites from expiring, you can create permanent invites. When generating an invite link, choose the option for a permanent invite, and it will remain active until you manually revoke it. Keep in mind that server owners or administrators still have the ability to revoke permanent invites if necessary.

How do you make a long-lasting Discord invite?

To create a long-lasting Discord invite, follow these steps:
Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create invites.
Open the Discord server you want to create the invite for.
Locate the invite creation feature, usually found in the server settings or invite management section.
Choose the option to create a permanent invite, if available.
Generate the invite link and share it with others. The invite will not have an expiration time, allowing users to join the server indefinitely.