How Long Do UPS Seasonal Jobs Last | In Details


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Published: May 3, 2023 | Updated: May 24, 2024

UPS seasonal jobs typically last from late October to early January. The exact duration of the job can vary depending on the needs of the company and the location. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at UPS seasonal jobs and answer the question deeply”How long do UPS seasonal jobs last, the typical length of UPS seasonal jobs, what does the job entail, and how you can apply?”

UPS is one of the largest package delivery companies in the world, with operations in over 220 countries. During the holiday season, UPS sees a significant increase in package volume, and to keep up with demand, they hire seasonal workers. These jobs can be a great opportunity for people looking to earn extra income during the holidays.

UPS Seasonal Job Positions

UPS offers a variety of seasonal job positions to meet the needs of their increased package volume during the holiday season. Some common seasonal job positions at UPS include:

Package Handler

Package handlers are responsible for loading and unloading packages from delivery trucks, sorting packages by destination, and ensuring that packages are delivered to the correct location. This position requires physical stamina and the ability to lift packages up to 70 pounds.

Driver Helper

Driver helpers assist UPS drivers with their daily delivery routes. This position requires good communication skills, physical stamina, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Personal Vehicle Driver

Personal vehicle drivers use their own vehicles to deliver packages to customers. This position requires a valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and the ability to lift packages up to 50 pounds.


Drivers are responsible for delivering packages to customers. This position requires a commercial driver’s license and good driving skills.

Typical Duration of UPS Seasonal Employment

The duration of UPS seasonal jobs can vary, but they generally last from mid-October to mid-January. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Start Date:

Most seasonal hiring begins in October. This early start allows for the training and acclimatization of new employees before the peak shipping period in late November and December.

Peak Season:

The peak period is from Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) through to Christmas Eve. During this time, the workload is at its highest, and seasonal employees are crucial in ensuring timely deliveries.

End Date:

Seasonal employment typically concludes by mid-January. This extension beyond the holiday season allows UPS to manage the returns process, which also sees a significant uptick post-holidays.

How to Apply for UPS Seasonal Jobs

How Long Do UPS Seasonal Jobs Last

If you’re interested in applying for a UPS seasonal job, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of being hired.

  • Firstly, visit the UPS career website and search for seasonal job opportunities in your area.
  • Once you find a job posting that you’re interested in, submit your application online.
  • Make sure to provide accurate and detailed information about your work experience and skills.

If your application is selected, you may be asked to attend in an interview. During the interview, be prepared to answer questions about your work experience, availability, and why you want to work for UPS. It’s important to dress appropriately and arrive on time for the interview. Showing up late or dressed inappropriately can make a negative impression on the hiring manager and decrease your chances of being hired.

Advantages of Working for UPS Seasonally

  • Extra income: UPS seasonal jobs can provide a significant amount of extra income during the holiday season.
  • Opportunity for permanent employment: If you perform well in your seasonal position, UPS may offer you a permanent job.
  • Experience in logistics: Working for UPS can provide valuable experience in the logistics and transportation industry.
  • Disadvantages of Working for UPS Seasonally
  • Physical demands: The job can be physically demanding, requiring workers to lift heavy packages and spend long hours on their feet.
  • Schedule may be unpredictable: UPS operates 24/7, so seasonal workers may be asked to work early mornings, late nights, or weekends.
  • Limited job security: Seasonal jobs are temporary and may not offer the same level of job security as permanent positions.

Tips for Landing a UPS Seasonal Job

  • Apply early: UPS begins hiring for seasonal positions as early as September, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply.
  • Highlight relevant experience: If you have experience in a related field, such as logistics or transportation, make sure to highlight it in your application.
  • Be flexible: UPS may have a variety of positions available, so be open to different job opportunities.
  • Demonstrate reliability: UPS is a company that relies on timely deliveries, so make sure to highlight your punctuality and reliability in your application.


UPS seasonal jobs typically last from mid-October to mid-January, encompassing the critical holiday period when package volumes surge. While this timeframe is standard, there is room for variation based on regional needs and specific roles. For many, these positions offer not only temporary employment but also the possibility of transitioning into a permanent role with one of the world’s leading logistics companies. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, UPS seasonal jobs remain a vital part of ensuring holiday cheer is delivered on time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) With Answers About How Long UPS Seasonal Jobs Last

Do UPS seasonal workers receive any benefits?

UPS seasonal workers may be eligible for some benefits, such as employee discounts and the opportunity for permanent employment. However, specific benefits may vary depending on the location and position.

How much do UPS drivers make in Los Angeles?

The hourly pay for UPS drivers in Los Angeles varies based on experience and position. According to Glassdoor, the average hourly pay for a UPS driver in Los Angeles is around $32.

Can you start out as a UPS driver?

It is possible to start out as a UPS driver, but it typically requires previous driving experience and a clean driving record. UPS drivers are responsible for safely and efficiently delivering packages and must be able to handle the physical demands of the job.

How do I move up with UPS?

UPS provides opportunities for career advancement and growth within the company. The best way to move up with UPS is to demonstrate a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn new skills, and a commitment to the company’s values. Employees can also take advantage of training programs and development opportunities offered by UPS.

Is UPS always seasonal?

No, UPS also offers permanent positions that provide year-round employment opportunities. However, during the holiday season, UPS hires a large number of seasonal workers to handle the increased package volume.

Can UPS seasonal workers work overtime?

Yes, UPS seasonal workers may be asked to work overtime during peak periods of package volume.

Is there an age requirement for UPS seasonal jobs?

Yes, UPS requires seasonal workers to be at least 18 years old.

Are UPS seasonal jobs available in all locations?

UPS seasonal jobs are typically available in most locations, but the number of positions may vary depending on the size and demand of the area.

Do UPS seasonal workers receive any benefits?

UPS seasonal workers may be eligible for some benefits, such as employee discounts and the opportunity for permanent employment.