How to Close Your Afterpay Account: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Published: September 14, 2023

You can close your Afterpay account by following these steps:

  1. Ensure you have cleared all outstanding balances and payments associated with your Afterpay purchases.
  2. Contact Afterpay’s customer support through their website (
  3. Request account closure, providing the necessary account details for verification.
  4. Follow any instructions provided by Afterpay’s customer support during the closure process.
  5. Once the process is complete, you will receive confirmation that your Afterpay account has been successfully closed.

Afterpay has become a popular service for those who want to make purchases and pay for them later in manageable installments. However, there may come a time when you decide that you want to close your Afterpay account. Whether it’s due to financial reasons, a desire to reduce your number of accounts, or any other reason, closing your Afterpay account is a straightforward process. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to close Afterpay account.

Why Close Your Afterpay Account?

Before we dive into the steps, it’s essential to understand why you might want to close your Afterpay account. Here are a few common reasons:

#1. Financial Management

You want to streamline your finances and reduce the number of accounts you have.

#2. No Longer Using It

You’ve decided that you no longer wish to use the Afterpay service for your purchases.

#3. Privacy and Security

Concerns about your personal information or security may lead you to close your account.

#4. Budgeting

You want to limit your spending and avoid the temptation of using Afterpay for more purchases.

Steps to Close Your Afterpay Account

How to Close Your Afterpay Account

Now, let’s go through the steps to close your Afterpay account:

Step #1. Check Outstanding Balances

Before proceeding with closing your account, make sure you’ve paid off all outstanding balances. You cannot close your account with pending payments. Log into your Afterpay account and review your payment history to ensure everything is settled.

Step #2. Contact Afterpay Support

Once your account is clear of any outstanding payments, it’s time to get in touch with Afterpay’s customer support. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the Afterpay website ( on your web browser.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “Contact Us” or “Support” link.
  • Click on the link to access Afterpay’s customer support options.

Step #3. Choose a Contact Method

Afterpay provides several contact methods, including email, phone, and live chat. Select the one that suits you best.

Step #4. Request Account Closure

When you reach Afterpay’s customer support, inform them that you’d like to close your account. Be prepared to provide your account details and any necessary information to verify your identity.

Step #5. Follow Instructions

Afterpay’s customer support will guide you through the account closure process. They may request additional information or confirmation to ensure the request is legitimate.

Step #6. Confirm Account Closure

After the account closure process is complete, Afterpay will confirm the closure with you. Ensure you receive written confirmation or an email stating that your account has been successfully closed.

Step #7. Remove Payment Methods

If you have linked a credit card or bank account to your Afterpay account, consider removing those payment methods from your profile for added security.

Step #8. Check for Recurring Payments

Double-check that there are no recurring payments or subscriptions linked to your Afterpay account. Cancel these subscriptions if necessary.

Step #9. Monitor Your Statements

For a few billing cycles after closing your account, review your credit card or bank statements to ensure there are no unauthorized charges related to Afterpay.

Step #10. Destroy Afterpay Card

If you have an Afterpay physical card, destroy it or dispose of it securely to prevent any unauthorized use.

Final Thoughts

Closing your Afterpay account is a simple process, but it’s important to ensure that all outstanding balances are settled before initiating the closure. Additionally, stay vigilant and monitor your financial statements for a few billing cycles after closure to ensure there are no unexpected charges.

Remember, you can always reopen an Afterpay account in the future if you decide to use the service again. By following these steps, you can confidently close your Afterpay account, giving you greater control over your finances and financial security.

FAQs With Answers About How to Close Your Afterpay Account

Q: How long does it take for an Afterpay account to deactivate?

A: After you’ve initiated the account closure process with Afterpay, the deactivation timeline can vary. Typically, it may take a few business days to process your request and close your account. Be sure to follow up with Afterpay’s customer support if you haven’t received confirmation within a reasonable time frame.

Q: How do I remove my number from Afterpay?

A: Afterpay primarily uses email addresses for account identification, not phone numbers. If you wish to update or remove the email address associated with your Afterpay account, you’ll need to contact Afterpay’s customer support. They will guide you through the process of updating your account information.

Q: Can you disable Afterpay?

A: You can’t disable Afterpay as a whole since it’s a payment service. However, you can choose not to use it for future purchases by not selecting Afterpay as a payment method during checkout on participating websites or by closing your Afterpay account following the steps mentioned earlier in this guide.

Q: How do I cancel my Afterpay payment?

A: Afterpay payments are automatically scheduled and deducted from your linked payment method according to the payment plan you agreed to when making the purchase. To cancel a payment, you should contact the retailer directly and inquire about their refund or cancellation policy. Afterpay doesn’t handle individual payment cancellations, so it’s crucial to work with the retailer from whom you made the purchase.