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Published: January 11, 2024

Discord does not directly support having two accounts with the same email. However, you can use email aliases by adding a “+” and a unique identifier before the “@” symbol to create variations of your email for multiple accounts.

Discord, a popular communication platform, has become an integral part of our online social interactions. As users become more engaged in various communities, the need for managing multiple accounts arises. In this guide, we’ll discuss the intricacies of how to make 2 discord accounts with one email, providing a comprehensive understanding of the process and its implications.

Brief Overview of Discord

Discord, designed for seamless communication, offers a versatile platform for gamers, communities, and businesses alike. Its user-friendly interface and diverse features make it a preferred choice for millions globally.

Benefits of Multiple Discord Accounts

  • Versatility: Managing multiple Discord accounts provides versatility, enabling participation in various communities with distinct identities.
  • Separation of Interests: Users can keep personal and professional interests separate by utilizing different accounts, ensuring a tailored experience in each community.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Multiple accounts offer added privacy, allowing users to control the information shared in different communities based on their preferences.

How to Make Two Discord Accounts With One Email

Creating two Discord accounts with one email is not directly supported by Discord, but there is a workaround that involves using email aliases. Follow these steps to achieve this:

  1. Understand Email Aliases: Email aliases are variations of your primary email address. They allow you to create distinct addresses that all route messages to your main inbox.
  2. Create an Alias: For instance, if your email is “,” you can add a “+discord1” before the “@” symbol to create an alias like “”
  3. Verification Process: When signing up for a second Discord account, use the newly created alias as your email. Discord will send the verification email to your main inbox, as aliases redirect messages.
  4. Repeat as Needed: You can repeat this process by creating additional aliases for more Discord accounts, ensuring a unique identifier for each.

How to Create Two Discord Accounts on the Same Device

How to Make 2 Discord Accounts with One Email

Discord, the popular communication platform, is known for its versatility and user-friendly interface. While Discord primarily encourages users to manage multiple servers within one account, some may need two distinct accounts on the same device.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this without complications.

Log Out of Your Current Account

The first step is to log out of your existing Discord account. Open the Discord application on your device, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left to access user settings, and scroll down to find the “Log Out” option. Confirm the log-out to proceed.

Open an Incognito or Private Browsing Window

To create a second Discord account on the same device, it’s advisable to use a private or incognito browsing window. This ensures that your browser doesn’t cache any information from your previous login.

Visit Discord’s Official Website

In the private browsing window, go to Discord’s official website ( and click on the “Open Discord” button. This will redirect you to the Discord login page.

Create a New Account

On the login page, click on the “Register” button to create a new account. Fill in the required information, including a unique email address not associated with your existing Discord account, a strong password, and a unique username for your second account.

Verify Your Email

After creating the new account, Discord will send a verification email to the address you provided. Open your email inbox, find the verification email, and click on the provided link to verify your new account.

Customize Your New Account

Once verified, customize your new Discord account by adding a profile picture and adjusting privacy settings according to your preferences.

Repeat for Additional Accounts

If you wish to create more than two Discord accounts on the same device, repeat the process outlined above. Remember to use a unique email address for each new account.

Log in to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Discord offers a convenient feature that allows users to stay logged in with multiple accounts simultaneously. To switch between accounts, click on the user settings in the bottom left, and under the “App Settings” section, select “Log Out” for the current account. Then, log in with the desired account credentials.

Use Third-Party Applications

For advanced users, third-party applications like Shift or Station can simplify the process of managing multiple Discord accounts. These applications offer additional features and customization options for a more seamless experience.

Organize Your Accounts

To avoid confusion, customize the profile pictures, usernames, and server nicknames for each account. This ensures a clear distinction between your multiple Discord identities.

By following these steps, you can easily create and manage two or more Discord accounts on the same device. Whether for personal or professional reasons, this guide empowers you to navigate Discord’s features with flexibility and ease.

Final Thoughts

In summary, managing two Discord accounts with one email offers flexibility, organization, and a personalized online experience. Understanding Discord’s policies, implementing efficient management strategies, and prioritizing security contribute to a positive and seamless user experience.

FAQs With Answers Section About How to Make 2 Discord Accounts with One Email

Are you allowed to have 2 Discord accounts?

Answer: Yes, you are allowed to have multiple Discord accounts. However, it’s important to follow Discord’s terms of service and guidelines to ensure proper usage.

How do I create a new Discord account if I already have one?

Answer: To create a new Discord account while having an existing one, you need to log out of your current account, open an incognito or private browsing window, visit Discord’s official website, and then register for a new account.

How to have 2 Discord accounts on 1 PC?

Answer: You can have two Discord accounts on one PC by either using the built-in multiple login feature provided by Discord or by utilizing third-party applications like Shift or Station.

How to make a new Discord account with the same phone number?

Answer: Discord generally requires a unique phone number for each account. If you need multiple accounts, consider using different phone numbers or alternative methods such as email aliases.

Can you make a new Discord account with the same email after deleting Gmail?

Answer: If you delete a Gmail account associated with a Discord account, you may not be able to use that email to create a new Discord account immediately. It’s recommended to use a different email for the new account.

Can you have 2 Discord accounts with the same phone number?

Answer: Discord typically requires a unique phone number for each account. Using the same phone number for multiple accounts might not be supported, and it’s advisable to use different numbers or alternative methods.

How to make a second Discord account on mobile?

Answer: To create a second Discord account on mobile, log out of your current account, open a private or incognito browser window, visit Discord’s official website, and register for a new account. Alternatively, use the Discord app’s built-in features for multiple logins.