30 Best Air Force Jobs That You Might Build Your Career


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Are you searching for the best air force jobs? If yes, the article is for you. How would you describe the job of an air force? This position requires specialized training and certification. Are you ready to take on this challenging career? If you want to pursue a career in aviation, you’ll need to get an ATC certification. The National Center For Aviation Training offers free courses and certifications to aspiring pilots who want to become air traffic controllers.

In the United States, air traffic controllers (ATC) monitor aircraft movements at airports around the country. They also ensure safety by managing the flow of flights at busy airports and directing planes into landing zones.

Best Air Force Jobs

The military offers some of the highest-paying jobs in the country. If you are thinking about joining the armed forces, take a look at these top 20 high-paying military jobs. The U.S. Department of Defense spends $700 billion every year. This puts the US Military among the largest employers in the world.

What is an Air Force Job?

An air force job is any job that involves working with or for the military. There are many different types of jobs within the military, including:

  • Air Traffic Control – An air traffic control job is one of the most important jobs in the military. These professionals work at major airports across the country to keep planes from colliding during takeoff and landing.
  • Military Police – Military police officers enforce discipline and protect bases from intruders.
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician – In this role, technicians maintain and repair aircraft engines and other equipment used by the military.
  • Civil Engineer – Civil engineers build bridges, roads, buildings, and other structures.
  • Medical Technologist – Medical technologists help doctors diagnose patients using medical tests.
  • Public Affairs Specialist – Public affairs specialists communicate information about the military to the public.
  • Combat Systems Analyst – Combat systems analysts use math and science skills to develop new weapons and technologies for the military.
  • Air Traffic Controller – An air traffic controller monitors the movement of airplanes and directs them safely through the skies.
  • Aircraft Mechanic – Aircraft mechanics repair and maintain military vehicles like helicopters, fighter jets, bombers, and more.
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician – Aviation maintenance technicians work on all kinds of aircraft from small propeller planes to large cargo planes.
  • Aviation Systems Analyst – Aviation systems analysts use their math skills to design and build new technologies for the military.
  • Civil Engineer – Civil engineers design buildings and other structures such as roads, bridges, dams, and tunnels.
  • Combat Systems Operator – Combat systems operators use computers and radar equipment to direct military vehicles during combat situations.
  • Combat Camera Operator – Combat camera operators capture video footage of battles and other events using cameras mounted on military vehicles.
  • Electronics Technicians – Electronics technicians install, test, and repair electronic devices used by the military.
  • Firefighter/EMT – Firefighters and emergency medical technicians help people who have been injured in accidents or disasters.
  • Flight Surgeon – Flight surgeons diagnose and treat injuries sustained while flying.
  • Flight Nurse – Flight nurses care for patients who are sick or injured aboard military aircraft.
  • Logistics Specialist – Logistic specialists plan and coordinate shipments of supplies and equipment throughout the military.
  • Military Police Officer – Military police officers enforce rules and regulations in military bases and camps.

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30 Best Air Force Jobs

The best air force jobs are given below consistently:

1. Pilot

Pilots fly military aircraft around the world. They also train pilots how to operate different types of planes.

2. Public affairs officer

A public affairs officer communicates important messages to the media and the general public.

3. Flight engineer

A flight engineer is responsible for maintaining a plane’s safety and efficiency. They also make sure that passengers get where they need to go safely.

4. Security forces officer

A security forces officer protects military installations and personnel from outside threats. They also protect classified documents and technology.

5. Air traffic control operator

An air traffic control operator guides planes through the sky. This job requires good communication skills and the ability to pay attention to multiple tasks at once.

6. Operations intelligence analyst

An operations intelligence analyst collects information about enemy activity and uses it to predict future attacks.

7. Tactical aircraft maintenance technician

A tactical aircraft maintenance technician works on military aircraft, including helicopters, airplanes, and even drones.

8. Aircraft loadmaster

An aircraft loadmaster transports cargo and passengers between airports and military bases.

9. Cyber systems operations specialist

A cyber systems operations specialist keeps computer networks safe and secure.

10. Weather observer

A weather observer watches the skies and predicts when storms will hit so that military officials can prepare for them.

11. Biomedical equipment operator

A biomedical equipment operator operates medical equipment such as X-ray machines and MRI scanners.

12. Chemical weapons protection officer

A chemical weapons protection officer prevents dangerous chemicals from getting into the wrong hands.

13. Civil engineering technologist

A civil engineering technologist designs and builds roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures.

14. Computer network defense specialist

A computer network defense specialist monitors computers and networks for signs of hacking or sabotage.

15. Combat medic

A combat medic treats soldiers who have been wounded during the battle.

16. Counterintelligence agent

A counterintelligence agent investigates spies and helps prevent them from harming the U.S. government.

17. Cryptologic linguist

A cryptologic linguist translates secret codes and ciphers used by foreign governments.

18. Military police

A military policeman patrols military bases in order to keep people following orders and regulations.

19. Intelligence analyst

An intelligence analyst analyzes data collected by spy satellites and other sources.

20. Human resources manager

A human resources manager schedules workers’ shifts and pays their salaries.

21. Public affairs officer

A public affairs officer communicates with the media and the general public to promote positive images of the United States.

22. Recruiting sergeant

A recruiting sergeant recruits new members into the armed services.

23. Marine corps recruiter

A marine corps recruiter gets potential applicants interested in joining the marines.

24. Navy recruiter

A navy recruiter gets potential applicants excited about enlisting in the navy.

25. Army recruiter

An army recruiter gets potential applicants enthusiastic about enlisting in the army.

26. National Guard recruiter

A national guard recruiter gets potential applicants enthused about joining the national guard.

27. Coast guard recruiter

A coast guard recruiter gets potential candidates excited about joining the coast guard.

28. Firefighter

A firefighter fights fires rescues people and protects property.

29. Paramedic

A paramedic saves lives by treating injuries at an accident scene.

30. Police officer

A police officer enforces laws and makes arrests.