Do Interviewees Get Paid on Investigation Discovery: Secrets Revealed


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Published: October 23, 2023 | Updated: February 16, 2024

Yes, interviewees get paid on Investigation Discovery. It depends on factors such as the interviewee’s role, relevance to the case, budget constraints, and formal agreements. Some interviewees receive monetary compensation, while others participate for reasons other than financial gain, such as seeking justice, raising awareness, or providing insights.

In this article, we will explain deeply into the world of Investigation Discovery and explore whether “Do Interviewees Get Paid on Investigation Discovery?”.

The Overview Of Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery, often abbreviated as ID, is a popular television channel that specializes in true crime content. With a vast array of crime documentaries and shows, it has garnered a massive viewership. Many people who watch these gripping narratives often ponder if the individuals interviewed as part of these investigations receive any form of compensation. Let’s uncover the facts about this intriguing question.

The Secrets Behind Interviewee Compensation

Do Interviewees Get Paid on Investigation Discovery

The Role of Compensation

Have you ever wondered if those who participate in Investigation Discovery shows are financially compensated? Well, the answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no. Compensation can vary widely, and it often depends on the individual, the show, and the circumstances.

Different Types of Compensation

1. Monetary Rewards

Some interviewees are indeed paid for their time and contributions. This typically applies to experts, professionals, or those who have unique insights into the cases being discussed.

2. Reimbursement for Expenses

Others may receive compensation in the form of reimbursed expenses, covering costs such as travel, accommodation, and meals during the interview process.

3. No Compensation

On the other hand, there are instances where interviewees volunteer their time and knowledge without any financial gain.

Do Interviewees Receive Compensation

Do Interviewees Get Paid on Investigation Discovery

Now, let’s address the big question: do interviewees get paid on Investigation Discovery? The answer is not as straightforward as a simple yes or no. Compensation for interviewees can vary widely, and it often depends on several factors:

Type of Interviewee

The compensation may vary based on whether the interviewee is a victim, a family member, a law enforcement officer, or an expert in the case. Victims and their families might be more likely to receive compensation.


The level of relevance to the case and the depth of information provided can influence compensation. Interviewees with more substantial contributions may receive higher payments.

Production Budget

The budget allocated to a specific show or episode can also impact the compensation offered to interviewees. High-budget productions may have more room for compensation.


Formal agreements and contracts are established between the production team and interviewees. These agreements outline the terms of compensation, if any.


Some interviewees might prefer to remain anonymous, and this can influence the compensation structure. Protecting an interviewee’s identity can be a top priority for the production team.

It’s important to note that not all interviewees receive monetary compensation. Many participants in these shows share their stories as a way to raise awareness, seek justice, or provide insights, without expecting any financial gain.

Do Interviewees Get Paid On Investigation Discovery: FAQs With Answers

How do you get paid to watch true crime?

Getting paid to watch true crime typically doesn’t involve watching as a form of employment. However, there are some instances where individuals can participate in true crime documentaries or shows as interviewees and receive compensation for sharing their experiences or expertise.

Do families get paid to be on the ID channel?

Families featured on the ID channel, like other interviewees, may receive compensation. The extent of compensation often depends on factors like the nature of their involvement in the case, the relevance of their information, and the agreements made with the production team.

Do people get paid to be on Evil Lives Here?

“Evil Lives Here” is a show on Investigation Discovery that features interviews with family members and loved ones of individuals with dark pasts. Similar to other ID shows, interviewees may receive compensation, but it can vary based on their role in the story and the production’s budget.

Is Investigation Discovery real?

Investigation Discovery is a real television channel known for its true crime content. It features documentaries, reenactments, and interviews with individuals connected to various criminal cases. While the stories are often dramatized for entertainment, they are based on real events and cases.


In the world of Investigation Discovery, compensation for interviewees is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It varies based on the nature of the interviewee’s involvement, their relevance to the case, and the specific agreements in place. Some interviewees receive monetary compensation, while others participate out of a desire for justice, awareness, or to provide valuable insights. Regardless of compensation, the primary goal remains to shed light on the truth and bring justice to those affected by crime.