How to Save Zety Resume for Free: Best Steps To Follow


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Published: October 30, 2023

Saving your Zety resume for free by following the best steps:

  • Step 1. Create your resume on the Zety platform.
  • Step 2. Review and edit your resume to your satisfaction.
  • Step 3. Download it as a PDF by clicking the “Download” button.
  • Step 4. Save the PDF file on your computer or device, and it’s ready to use at no cost.

If you’ve created a stunning resume using Zety and want to save it for free, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process and giving step by step tips on how to save Zety resume for free. Saving your Zety resume for free has never been easier. Let’s read in!

The Benefits of Using Zety for Resume Building

Let’s briefly discuss the advantages of using this platform:

1: User-Friendly Interface

Zety offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies the resume creation process, making it accessible for all.

2: Professional Templates

Choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates to make your resume stand out.

3: Tailored Content

Zety provides content suggestions and examples to help you create a resume that matches your industry and job description.

Best Tips For Saving Your Zety Resume for Free

How to Save Zety Resume for Free

In this section, we’ll explore the various ways to save your Zety resume without spending a dime:

Step 1: Using the Zety Website

When it comes to saving your resume, Zety makes it simple. Follow these easy steps:

  • Create Your Resume: Before you save it, you need to create your resume using Zety’s intuitive interface.
  • Edit and Review: Make sure your resume is error-free and presents your skills and experience effectively.
  • Save as PDF: Zety allows you to download your resume as a PDF for free. Simply click the “Download” button.
  • Store Locally: Once downloaded, save the PDF to your preferred location on your computer or device.

Step 2: Saving to Google Drive

Zety also provides an option to save your resume directly to Google Drive. Here’s how:

  • Download as PDF: Follow the same steps as above, but choose the Google Drive option when prompted.
  • Authorize Zety: You’ll need to grant permission to Zety to access your Google Drive.
  • Save to Drive: Once authorized, your resume will be saved in your Google Drive.

Step 3: Emailing Your Resume

You can also send your resume via email to save it for free:

  • Download as PDF: Download your resume as a PDF file.
  • Compose an Email: Open your email client and create a new email.
  • Attach the PDF: Attach your resume PDF to the email.
  • Send to Yourself: Send the email to your own address. This acts as a free storage option.

How to Save Zety Resume for Free: Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Can we download Zety’s resume for free?

Yes, you can download your Zety resume for free. Zety offers the option to save your resume as a PDF file at no cost.

How can I download my resume without paying?

To download your Zety resume without paying, follow these steps:
Create your resume on Zety.
Edit and review it to ensure it’s error-free.
Click the “Download” button.
Choose the PDF download option.
Save the PDF to your computer or device.

How do I edit my Zety resume for free?

Log in to your Zety account.
Open the resume you wish to edit.
Make the necessary changes.
Save your resume again with the modifications.

How do I save my resume from Resume Builder for free?

To save your resume from the resume builder for free, follow these steps:
Create your resume using Zety’s resume builder.
Review and edit your resume.
Download it as a PDF by clicking “Download.”
Save the PDF file to your preferred location on your device.


In this guide, we’ve covered various methods to save your Zety resume for free. Whether you prefer saving it on your computer, Google Drive, or via email, the process is straightforward. Zety’s user-friendly platform ensures that you can save your resume hassle-free. Now, go ahead and secure your professional future by saving your Zety resume without breaking the bank.