What Degree Do You Need for Tech Sales: Best Guide


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Published: October 16, 2023

You need to consider pursuing a degree in Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Engineering. These degrees can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge that are highly relevant in the tech sales industry. However, it’s important to note that skills, experience, and a customer-centric approach can be just as crucial as a specific degree in tech sales.

In the ever-evolving tech industry, a career in tech sales can be not only lucrative but also fulfilling. However, to excel in this field, you need to begin with the right educational foundation. This article will guide you through what degree do you need for tech sales, providing insights and actionable information.

What Are The Requirements for Tech Sales

What Degree Do You Need for Tech Sales

For a career in tech sales, a specific degree is not always mandatory. However, having a relevant educational background can significantly boost your chances of success.

Understanding the Basics

To start, let’s clarify that while a specific degree may not be a strict requirement, you’ll find it beneficial to pursue a degree in one of the following fields:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering

Each of these disciplines can provide you with a unique set of skills and knowledge that are highly relevant in the tech sales industry. Let’s explore them further.


A degree in Business can equip you with essential skills in communication, management, and strategy. In tech sales, these skills are invaluable, as you’ll often be dealing with clients, managing teams, and crafting sales strategies.


A degree in Marketing will help you understand consumer behavior, market trends, and effective communication. These skills are essential in promoting and selling tech products.

Computer Science

A Computer Science degree offers a strong foundation in technology, making you well-versed in the products you’ll be selling. This knowledge can set you apart as a tech sales professional.

Information Technology

An Information Technology degree focuses on IT systems, infrastructure, and cybersecurity. In the tech industry, where understanding the technical aspects of products is crucial, this degree can be a game-changer.


Engineering degrees provide problem-solving skills and technical knowledge, which are highly valuable in understanding and presenting complex tech solutions.

  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP): Offered by the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), this certification covers various sales techniques and strategies.
  • Certified Sales Executive (CSE): This certification, provided by the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI), is designed for sales executives and managers.
  • Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP): The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) offers this certification for inside sales professionals.
  • Salesforce Certified Professional: Salesforce offers a range of certifications for professionals using their customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Hootsuite Social Selling Certified: Ideal for sales professionals who use social media, this certification focuses on leveraging social platforms for sales.
  • Sandler Sales Certification: The Sandler Sales Institute offers a range of certifications that teach the Sandler Sales methodology.
  • Challenger Sales Certification: Based on the Challenger Sale methodology, this certification is designed to help salespeople challenge their clients’ thinking.
  • Miller Heiman Group Certification: This program offers a variety of certifications focusing on sales and service methodologies.

Benefits of Sales Certification

What Degree Do You Need for Tech Sales

Improved Sales Skills

Sales certifications provide in-depth training in various aspects of sales, including techniques, strategies, and customer relationship management. This equips sales professionals with the skills needed to excel in their roles.

Career Advancement

Certification can make you a more attractive candidate for promotions and leadership positions within your organization. It can also open up new job opportunities.

Increased Credibility

Certification from a reputable organization adds credibility to your resume and demonstrates your commitment to your profession.

Higher Earning Potential

Certified sales professionals often earn higher salaries and bonuses compared to their non-certified peers.

Networking Opportunities

Many certification programs offer opportunities to connect with other professionals in the field, providing valuable networking opportunities.

FAQs With Answers About What Degree Do You Need for Tech Sales

What is the best major for tech sales?

The best major for tech sales can vary depending on your personal interests and career goals. However, majors in Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Engineering are all excellent choices. These fields provide valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied effectively in tech sales.

How do I start a tech sales career?

To start a tech sales career, follow these steps:
Education: Consider pursuing a degree in a relevant field, such as Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Engineering.
Sales Skills: Develop essential sales skills like effective communication, negotiation, and relationship building.
Technical Knowledge: Gain a strong understanding of the tech products and services you’ll be selling.
Experience: Look for internships or entry-level sales positions to build your track record.
Networking: Build connections in the tech industry through events and professional associations.
Certifications: Consider earning sales certifications to enhance your qualifications.
Apply: Start applying for tech sales positions that align with your qualifications and interests.

Which degree is best for sales?

The best degree for a career in sales can vary based on your specific interests and career goals. Common degrees that are beneficial for sales careers include:
Choosing the right degree should align with your strengths and the industry you plan to work in. For tech sales, degrees in Business, Marketing, and relevant technical fields are often advantageous.


In the world of tech sales, the right degree can open doors, but it’s not the only path to success. Your passion, skills, and commitment matter just as much. Whether you choose to pursue a degree in Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Engineering, remember that continuous learning and adapting to industry changes are key to a thriving career.

Tech sales is a dynamic field, and your success will depend on your ability to connect with clients, understand complex tech products, and create effective sales strategies. So, while the ideal degree can certainly give you a head start, it’s your dedication and adaptability that will truly make a difference in your tech sales career.